What do we do?

Our services are aimed at improving the well-being and emotional health of our patients.

We help to bond and promote connection and communication between animals and their families.

Prevention, diagnosis and treatment of canine and feline behavioral problems.


Specialized store in cognitive development games, interactive toys and other accessories for solving behavioral problems.

Advice on adoptions, birth of a baby, introduction of new animals, moving.

Stress management and environmental enrichment programmes for cats.

Puppy socialisation

Behavior modification

Basic education based on positive reinforcement

How do we work?

Our priority is the well-being of our patients. That is why our work is based on positive reinforcement. We do not use techniques or tools that are contrary to animal welfare.

The first step is to see our patient in an ethology consultation to make a diagnosis and establish the most appropriate treatment plan for their case. Each animal is unique, and so is each case. Through direct observation of the patient's behaviour and an extensive interview with their family, we try to identify all the factors that may be influencing this behaviour, what its origin is and what motivates it. In this way we can work on the root of the problem and help the family to better understand their partner.

Subsequently, we carry out behaviour modification sessions, where we work with the patient and their family. For us, it is essential that the family participates in the process, dedicating time each day to practice at home or during walks what we are working on in the sessions in order to fix the learning process.